Eyeglasses Decorations (EyeDecos) Disclaimer:
  1. Intended Use: EyeDecos are intended solely for external decorative purposes and should used for any other reason.

  2. Application Responsibility: The application of EyeDecos should be done with care and precision. Users are responsible for adhering them according to the provided instructions. Improper application may lead to discomfort or damage to eyeglasses.

  3. Removal Instructions: EyeDecos should be removed before cleaning or adjusting eyeglasses. Failure to do so may result in damage to both the EyeDecos and the eyewear.

  4. Not Permanent: EyeDecos are designed to be removable and should not be considered permanent additions to eyeglasses.

  5. Not Suitable for Children: EyeDecos are not recommended for use by children ages six (6) years or younger. Small parts may pose a choking hazard.

  6. Limited Liability: The manufacturer and distributor of EyeDecos are not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the use or misuse of this product

  7. Risk of Injury: Injuries are possible if EyeDecos are installed incorrectly, misused, or during falls or accidents. Ensure proper application and handling to minimize the risk of injury. For safety reasons, it is advisable to remove EyeDecos before engaging in activities where the risk of accidents is higher.

  8. Consultation: Individuals with specific eye conditions or concerns should consult with an eye care professional before using EyeDecos.

By using EyeDecos, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above disclaimer and agree to use the product responsibly and at your own risk.